When developing a project reflecting on your process throughout is important so you are able to further adjust tested work, ensuring audience’s capture your concept and message.

“[Wonder] is an emotion that spurs marvel, imagination, examination, investigation and speculation”. Responding to the theme my work encaptures ideas that engage audiences to interact with others as well as their responses on the topic of what they think of their University experience. Looking at a providing a list of adjectives, my work will ask students to connect 5 of these words to help answer this question.

The work that inspired this project was designed by Dorota Grabkowska called “What Made Me’. Commissioned by the Idea Birmingham and Birmingham City University, the installation was created to provide an interactive experience for visiting members of the public. Grabkowska’s project was based around a concept of information visualisation in a form of a large scale, complex data map, generated by visitors themselves with the aim of the project was to explore what shapes the people of Birmingham by asking them these five simple questions:

What made you Think?
What made you Create?
What made you Angry?
What made you Happy?
What made you Change?

Each question was assigned to a different colour and could be answered by connecting relevant words together with a coloured thread. For my own project the concept of her design and the connection of thread was implemented so I am able to showcase the diverse answers students have when contrasted together. Along with this, the concepts I have adapted from Grabkowska look to use this sense of visual language, as participants are able to share their feelings, influences, thoughts and inspirations, describing this time of their live.

Looking at my prototype the feedback I have received was generally very positive. Audiences seemed to engage well with my work as well as reviewing their own responses with others. Scaling down my work for my prototype did seem to be difficult however as I was not able to include as many of the adjectives as I wanted to represent on the presentation day. Using this day to showcase my prototype I also looked to survey students on what words they would like to be included in this work, so I am able to gain accurate responses to these experiences. This definitely helped to make up a lot of my work as it helps to maintain engagement with the data collected  remaining to come directly from students at UOW, along with the responses.

In terms of my tutors response his feedback helped to provide me with a problem that I was facing throughout this project. Although the use of different coloured thread looked to be aesthetically pleasing, he suggested I test this work with the same coloured yarn for all participants. After testing both coloured and one tone pieces I found that using a single colour provided the work with a sense of mystery helping to add to the concept as well as keeping audinces thinking about matching each response to different students. Along with this I believe that implementing only a single colour thread to this installation will provide more engagement to my work, therefore leading to more participants as a whole.