Final Statement:

Projection and Sound Work
Overall Loop: 3:40
Name: David Gusevski


‘The Loss of Suburbia’ is projection/sound work that portrays a local resident’s experience with construction and over development in her area of ‘Wolli Creek’ in Sydney’s south. Centred around her struggles, this piece showcases her challenges as she faces the loss nostalgia with the increase of high rises against and around her home.

Featuring pieces collected from her home, this installation is created in combination with this work to display a living room design. These were featured to set the subjects point of view, helping to understand her story and connection to home. The film work is projected onto a mock window, displaying the changes and fast paced notions of this updated community. This is used to symbolize the lack of control these residents have as they watch these changes occur. Featuring a stop motion effect, the differentiation of each frame creates radical shifts that maintain a sense erratic inconsistency. Accompanied by a heavy sound piece, this work highlights the subject’s emotion and experience, opening up about her struggles. Displaying these thoughts, this piece reveals a sense of chaos through intense layering of collected construction noise from these areas, creating an unsettling feeling for audiences.

With the increasing amount of areas affected by over development this piece gives insight to individuals situations as they battle modifications throughout their community and surrounding suburbs, leading us to discover how these advancements are not always positive.



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