Final Statement:

Projection and Sound Work
Overall Loop: 3:40
Name: David Gusevski


‘The Loss of Suburbia’ is projection/sound work that portrays a local resident’s experience with construction and over development in her area of ‘Wolli Creek’ in Sydney’s south. Centred around her struggles, this piece showcases her challenges as she faces the loss nostalgia with the increase of high rises against and around her home.

Featuring pieces collected from her home, this installation is created in combination with this work to display a living room design. These were featured to set the subjects point of view, helping to understand her story and connection to home. The film work is projected onto a mock window, displaying the changes and fast paced notions of this updated community. This is used to symbolize the lack of control these residents have as they watch these changes occur. Featuring a stop motion effect, the differentiation of each frame creates radical shifts that maintain a sense erratic inconsistency. Accompanied by a heavy sound piece, this work highlights the subject’s emotion and experience, opening up about her struggles. Displaying these thoughts, this piece reveals a sense of chaos through intense layering of collected construction noise from these areas, creating an unsettling feeling for audiences.

With the increasing amount of areas affected by over development this piece gives insight to individuals situations as they battle modifications throughout their community and surrounding suburbs, leading us to discover how these advancements are not always positive.



Post 8 and 9:

As this is the final week before the project is due I am finishing off this work for presentation. I have begun to collect my items to make a living room setting which I am looking forward to creating. I played around with having my video developed off a green screen but ultimately I feel like it is much easier for me to build it around the size of my mock window. Emailing with Aaron back and forth this week he has approved this change and suggested I make my window smaller to avoid it looking tacky. I think this is a better Idea as I want to ensure the setting looks as realistic as possible, reflecting the real thoughts found in the interviews and projection.

The next week:

As I began to collect my shots featured on Google Images I was having trouble ensuring the quality of these images were cohesive. As these were captured in past years these images contrasted against the updated ones brought the quality of my work down significantly, creating it to feel very scattered and unfocused. Although it focuses on an interested aspect of this suburb, I don’t feel confident utlising these images. Facing this issue I decided that it would be best if i captured my own images of the area in hopes to showcases these changes. With this in mind I found it would also reinforce the ideas and challenges discussed throughout my interview, giving audiences an opportunity to match these stories to a visual. Driving down to Wollongong I borrowed a DSLR camera for two days to photograph the main parts of the community where this construction and over development has occurred . Attempting to steer away from the traditional slideshow of images my goal for this video work was to create movement through still image, pairing with my sound piece. Using a stop motion effect, the video showcases over 80 images moving through these suburb streets, symbolising the movement of change. This was added to create a sporadic effect, highlighting the feelings of chaos and resistance. After developing this film I decided to curate a test run at home with a mini projector. While the video worked to display the stories and emotions discussed in the sound piece, I decided to edit in a window frame onto my this film to ensure audiences were able to understand the vision of this piece and layout. Although I did have doubts with this living room design, I was happy to see that implementing these changes has created a more cohesive project. I am now just adding in collected noises of construction, cranes and trucks from this area to create chaotic ambience, intruding into the safe space of home. I am looking forward to hearing Matt and Aaron’s thoughts on how I have taken their advice to improve my overall concept/ work.

Final Layout Form: