Post 6 and 7:

Over this week I have conducted an new interview with my grandma that I am pretty happy with. Again, her interview was fairly long so I have begun editing down to the main points so it is more cohesive with video. As she is very unwell at the moment it was quite challenging to find time where she was well enough to talk, but I am happy with what I have collected. Listening to this sound piece, it offers a great description of these areas as well as her thoughts and feelings. I have begun editing my video and I am looking forward to see how both this sound piece and film will look together.

The next week-

This week I have decided to alter my project. Although we are drawing close to the due date, over the past week I have been brainstorming ways to push this idea further. After drawing up designs and testing I have decided to move towards an projection/installation piece rather than an single screen, as I think I can design something that would create my work to be more engaging. Describing my final idea further I am developing an installation piece that illustrates my grandmother’s feelings towards her neighborhood and it’s changes. I have focused this project on one subject rather than capturing six perspectives to steer away from journalistic aspects. For my work I am capturing film from past and present years to display the immense differences in my grandmothers area. This will be presented against a fake window frame on the wall to symbolize her witnessing these changes whilst her own surroundings remain the same. I am still creating a sound piece that features more of a ranting style to convey her frustration (which I found more entertaining). In my last talk with Aaron he mentioned that I should showcase aspects of isolation within her home. With this is mind I have decided to create a living room setting to accompany my projection, featuring items from her house to depict her perspective. These items look to invite audiences to sit experience her thoughts and emotions through the combination of the projection and sound piece.

Mock Design:




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