Blog Post 9- Week Eleven: Game Rules and Final Thoughts

Game Title: What’s Trending?

‘What’s Trending?’ is an interactive based board game utilising Google’s top trending searches.

How quickly can you describe these trending topics?

Speed is of the essence in this fast-paced game – the more words your team can guess from your descriptions, the quicker you’ll cross the finishing line. What’s Trending? is separated into yearly segments ranging from 2001- 2017, with answers varying from diverse categories.

From popular culture, How-to searches, sports and even world news this game incorporates all interests as it’s enjoyable for all generations. When it comes to nostalgic and exhilarating entertainment, ‘What’s Trending?’ simply has no rivals! Relive iconic moments in history and see if you can keep up.

Objective of the Game:

Work in pairs to discover Google’s top searched results from 2001-2017. Progress is made by correctly guessing what your teammates are describing, the more correct answers, the further you advance on the board.


  • Unfold board. Set up tokens at starting position
  • Place clue/answer cards in corresponding sections and prepare timer to start at 0.
  • Evenly divide into teams of two or more
  • Decide amongst each other who will begin first
  • Each round team members are nominated as either describes and guesser (Alternating each round)

Starting the Game:

  1. Each round begins once the 30 second timer is flipped.
  2. The describer’s take a card corresponding to the year their token is placed on the board. (As the start position is on the year 2017, this is the segment each team will start)
  3. The ‘describer’ to use clues that help the ‘guesser’ discover the answer on the card. Once the question is successfully answered the round continues using cards from the same year until time runs out.
    Players are only allowed to skip two question cards each round. If you are unable to answer the question and needing an additional skip they will have to go back and answer a previous skipped question before doing so.
  4. The describes will then count the number of cards that were correctly guessed in that round and move their playing token forward to that number of segments.
    Example: If a team collected 3 correct guesses, the would move 3 space forward on the board.
  5. The round then begins for the next team corresponding to where their token is on the board
  6. Players will then make their way around the board until one team reaches the finish mark

Description Rules:

When describing you must NOT:

  • Say the name or letters of the answer.
  • Say the word or any derivative eg. if the word is “post” you may not say “postage” or “postman”; for “swim” you may not say “swimmer” etc.
  • Use “rhymes with” or “sounds like” type clues.

When describing you CAN:

  • Gesticulate, act, mime but not mouth the word
  • Use inside jokes or past experiences in addition to clues

To further gain a further understanding of ‘What’s Trending?’ and this design process I have linked my weekly blog posts below:

  1. Blog Post 4- Week 6: Contribution to the Group Game
  2. Blog Post 5- Week Seven: Initial Ideas
  3. Blog Post 6- Week Eight: Game Prototype and Inspiration
  4. Blog Post 7- Week Nine: Game Prototype with Attention to The Abstraction Involved
  5. Blog Post 8- Week Ten: Game Play Testing

Final Thoughts: 

As this session and game development comes to end I have learned a lot from this process. Looking back I can see that I have definitely benefited most from play testing and peer feedback. Though sometimes it can be difficult to take criticism, the critiques that I have received have been a great source of advice for my final game product. Doing these weekly blog posts have also ensured I have stayed up to date with my work and development in time for game play at the end of each week. This has not only made this process less stressful but also has given me the opportunity to make the most of our lessons. From what I can see ‘What’s Trending?’ has been well received with audiences of many ages which has made this hard work and on occasion, challenging experience worth it.

Screenshot of Game Play

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