Blog Post 8- Week Ten: Game Play Testing

After finalising my question cards, this week I wanted to focus on play testing and gathering feedback on my game. With this creation experience, although research with personal trial and error has been a successful method, it is the feedback and game making experiences that have proven to be most beneficial throughout this development. As I was unwell this week and wasn’t able to attend my tutorial, I decided that I will utilise my family members for game play this week to gage new responses. I decided that I was split my time up in the game, using the first half to play and the second to take notes and ask questions throughout and after each round. This play testing was also done with ages ranging from 12- 53 years old as I was looking to see if this game would be enjoyable for a large target market.

Before commencing this gameplay session I felt it was important to let my test members know that I was looking for honest and sometimes even harsh feedback. Although I did benefit from the feedback given from my peers in class, I was eager to see what my family members thought on ‘What’s Trending?’ as I knew they wouldn’t be afraid to hold anything back. Whilst hosting past game testing I did notice certain players were cautious of over sharing their opinions as they didn’t want to start conflict that lead others to negatively critic their own game. Although I’m not a confrontational person, looking back at past weeks I did feel as though people were holding back from being honest which could have potentially affected my overall work. Luckily for me, most of my play testing groups understood the importance of this feedback, being very supportive and constructive.

Feedback Gathered;


  • Enjoyable
  • Different from other games
  • Relatable
  • Easy to understand
  • Good Presentation
  • Diverse (players will know at least one answer)
  • Sense of nostalgia
  • Educational


  • Difficult to explain if you don’t know the answer yourself
  • Limited skips make it hard to advance
  • DIfficult for young individuals to play when playing rounds in years below 2005
  • Older ages have the upper hand as they were alive longer during past years
  • Game can spark an argument or two
  • Younger players needed one or two practice rounds to understand how to play

After finalising this play testing and reviewing my results I was very happy to see their were fairly the same amount of pros as their were cons. Looking at my cons specifically I look to utilise this research for my marketing and branding in my final project, comparing results and discussing why these choices were made. As we are drawing to the end of this project I am glad that I was able to utilise diverse individuals for my testing as I believe I gaged a great amount of responses that have helped to improve both my game and overall project.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 11.05.02 pm.png
Final Game Board Design

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