Post 5:

Throughout the week-

This week I have conducted a total of three interviews as well finalising my editing for two of them. With the end of classes approaching I want to have enough time to practice test my ideas and see if it will work in class. I haven’t had a chance to talk to Aaron in person for a couple of weeks so that something that I am aiming on doing this week. Along with this I also want to get my group and other peers opinions on my work to see where I can improve. Focusing on obtaining feedback this week I am excited to hear what these people think as I haven’t had a chance to update them with my new idea.

Aaron’s email-

Emailing with Aaron before class this week he has told that my concept comes across as vague and directionless. His advice over email was for me to focus on a more specific issue found throughout these interviews. Although getting this response was a bit discouraging I wanted to stay optimistic because I knew Aaron could help to move this into a strong direction. With this in mind, I have sent through the interview with my grandma so he can take a look at what I’ve created before our discussion on Monday. I am both nervous and eager to hear what he has to say.

After our discussion-

After talking with Aaron he has given me a lot of advice on where I can improve this project. He stated that the aspects of six interviews and their storytelling looks to be more journalistic rather than artistic. With this we went over the aim for this project and what I should be focusing on. He suggested that I should stick to a single area rather than multiple as it may start to get confusing for audiences. Sending through the interview with my grandma’s he advised me that he enjoyed the aspects of ranting and frustration as well as the noise of construction and chaos. However, he thought I could do without the background music as he found it cheesy and takes away the effect from her story. He said that I should focus developing this further and play off her emotions of dealing with isolation within your own home. With this advice in mind I looked to my peers to gain some further suggestions on where I can improve. Speaking with many of them they stated that they also found my grandmothers interview the most interesting and that I should take Aaron’s advice to focus more on her situation. Moving forward, I have decided to scrap my other conducted interviews and focus on the thoughts behind my grandma and her story (as this was the most well received). Over the next week my plan is to re- interview my grandma to focus more on her ranting and frustration over the typically storytelling as I don’t want this to feel journalistic. I think following this new path will ensure that the overall video makes more sense, as well as making it more entertaining for audiences.