Post 4:

Looking at my projects progress, although I am happy with the direction of my interviews, I am worried with the lack of a visual representation in this work. This past week I have been brainstorming and testing different screen work ideas to incorporate in this peice. Working with Final Cut Pro I first starting to experiment taking photographs of the city scape and high rises in my area. While this does showcase the growth and changes found in these areas, I found this visual has a disconnect from my interviews as these individuals are sharing stories from their past and touching on more nostalgic aspects of the community. With this in mind I wanted to find a way of illustrating what these areas were like before as well as how they are now. Doing some research I found an article on this use of Google Maps Josh Sanburn for The article looks into Google’s Street View , and how it has become the closest thing we have to a teleportation device. This site allows visitors to travel anywhere with just a few keystrokes. Discussing the advancement of this Google feature he showcases how this virtual map of the world has always been limited to the present — or at least the most recent images transmitted by its camera-equipped vehicles. Each time those vehicles captured a site, the new images would become searchable and the old ones were taken down and relegated to Google’s servers. However now, this Street View feature is trying to turn its teleportation device into a time machine, with all captured images taken over the last 10 years being be viewable as part of a new feature that allows users to see how places have changed since Google began photographing diverse areas.


Looking at the examples shown in Sanburn’s article I think this could be an interesting way to highlight my interviews using visual examples. I looked into my interviewees areas and I am eager to see what I can develop. Although I have been struggling throughout this development, this addition to my project has helped revive the passion I’m aiming for this work. I feel this visual piece captures the essence of these people’s stories, emphasising their issues and struggles.

Looking further into this Google feature a concern I do have is the amount of areas and clear captured shots I have to work with. With this in mind I am thinking of interviewing a number of subjects from different areas to show how this affects a wide range of people from different suburbs. With this overpopulation and heavy construction even spreading down to areas in Wollongong, I thought it would be interesting to conduct interviews to learn how these people from these less populated areas deal with this issue. This afternoon Aaron emailed me asking how my development was looking which I very happy about as I haven’t had the chance to sit down with him to get his thoughts on my ideas. I filled him in on what I’m looking at creating and I am hoping he likes the idea as well as give me some advice on how to make it stronger.