Post 3:

Over the last week I have been keeping my eye out for factors that inspire a concept or story for my major work. Spending time with family over this past weekend the topic of my suburb and surrounding area came up which stirred a huge debate. With my family growing up in the same area their whole lives, the main argument raised by grandparents and elder relatives was the amount of changes that have occurred, especially over the last ten years. While I initially saw these differences to benefit these areas, as my family reminisced on the days in their upbringing throughout this suburb sparked an idea for this final project. Looking at my area we are bombarded with construction and over population due to new spark of high-rise apartments and new ‘trendy’ businesses. With members of my own family having such strong concerns for what’s to come with this area I thought it would be interesting to collect thoughts and stories from individuals who are both old and new to this area to gage opinions on the changes of this area and if they have been either positively or negatively effected. Talking about this with my family, my grandma volunteered to do an interview with me so I was able to start testing and developing this concept. Although I didn’t have specific questions ready I felt this created a more organic conversation, helping her feel more relaxed so she was able to open up about the struggles.

Talking with her the unedited interview came to about 15 minutes long. Although I was happy I did have a lot of content to sort through, with the idea to interview 6 or more people, I need to ensure each individuals stories and thoughts were short enough to be able to keep audience interested. With testing on my mind I wanted to start editing this interview as soon as possible to see if this idea was worth exploring further. Working on this I was able to cut it down to around 1 minute an and 50 seconds (1:50) which I am pretty happy with considering the length of content I had. My method for this editing process utilised the parts where my grandma speaks about the hardship and struggle of living around this area. Although she discussed a wide range of arguments I found these to be the most engaging and relative as it depicts the nature of her living situation clearly. Playing off her thoughts from this interview I also went outside to record the sounds of construction to further emphasise her issues. I felt this created a chaotic environment that pairs with the interview quite well. Too add effect I am also playing around with a backing track that matches the emotions of her story.

The first edit of this interview:

Over the next week my aim is to conduct at least two more interviews before I ask for feedback. Looking back, a major problem in my last meeting with Matt was having a lack of work to show him where my idea was heading. Further producing this work before the meeting should showcase my thoughts more clearly and help both Matt and Aaron to understand where I want to take this project.