Blog Post 6- Week Eight: Game Prototype and Inspiration

This week I wanted to focus on the development of my game design. Using the resources provided in class I gathered materials to start testing board layouts. Although I have not constructed a final list of rules for my game, I did have a general idea of the objective to go off. I found this worked in my favour as it left room for any adjustments or new ideas to made. For this design I really went in with an open mind as I didn’t want to be too disappointed if my idea wasn’t successful or did not match up to my design inspiration. In class I utilised the coloured paper and blank whiteboard cards to construct a general idea of the game play. Cutting this paper into even triangle shapes I looked to create a ‘pie chart’ board design that would have players moving clockwise until they reach the other side. My idea is to have the game board be circular, and of a large enough size to support six or eight players around a table, using a quarter fold American valley design so it is easily packagead. A circular track will divide the board into colour-coded sections with each labeled as a different year. Eg 2017.2016.2015 ect all the way to 2001. After designing this I noticed that it was very similar to the board game design of Articulate which is a board game from Drumond Park.

articulate-game.jpgKnowing this I felt confident about moving forward with the design of my game as I knew this layout would be enjoyable for players due to the success of previous games.

Potential Board Game Desgin

After working with these materials I felt it was important to start a mock board design using Photoshop and Microsoft excel. Utilising the previous design with paper I played with bright colours and bold text to distinguish each yearly segment. I am looking to also implement matching colours in the question cards as it will be easier for players to distinguish the colours corresponding to each year. Next week my plan is to develop my question cards to I can start my game play. Although I don’t have a final board product I am going to play test with my mock one to see where it needs improvements.


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