Post 2:

Before the lesson:

Throughout the last week I started to gather research and past works to develop my concept further. I have begun sorting through news articles and captured film from the march to construct my idea. As my work looks at creating two screens I have decided the best way of tackling this project would be to focus on developing one at a time to ensure the message behind the work is clear. With many individuals being against the use of guns and violence I knew developing a screen work that showcases the positive attributes would be challenging. With this in mind, I have decided to focus on this part of the work first, as I am able to judge if this concept is effective without constructing a whole project. Looking into my research I am finding it very difficult to gather sources while still remaining ethical. Although I do want to showcase the extreme nature of these weapons, I still want to ensure my work isn’t crossing boundaries that will negatively affect audiences. I also want to ensure throughout the construction of this piece that I am not inflicting my own opinions or views on this law , as I don’t want to alter viewers responses. At the moment I have started editing a rough cut of news footage, photography, interviews and political speeches to begin developing this work. My aim is to have this finished by the end of the week so I am able to show Matt and Arron what I’ve been working on to gather further feedback and idea for improvement.
After the lesson:

After today’s lesson I had a talk to Matt about my concept and future plans for this project. Going into this talk I was excited to get his thoughts on my work as well as areas of improvement. Speaking to him, he wasn’t completely sold on the idea. Stating he felt the project wasn’t grounded and lacked specific research. He added that the work would need to implement aspects of a debate to make it challenging. When discussing the utilisation of the juxtaposing screens to form a discussion, he stated that it would be best to steer clear from juxtapositions and the data on gun violence. Speaking on my concerns from earlier in the week, I wanted to get his opinion on the ethical challenges I was facing and if it was worth developing further. Not being to keen on this idea, he stated that as these events are a more prevalent in other countries like the United States, it would be difficult to incorporate this into a work that relates to audiences here, as we aren’t affected by this law. With this feedback I am thinking it would be best to test new concept ideas and develop something that will be better received. Looking back at my discussion with Matt I am happy with the feedback he provided as it was clear and direct, which has been extremely beneficial . Throughout the next week my plan is to curate new ideas for this project. I aim to start testing and am looking at having a final idea by the end of next week. Using the opinions from my group was another great source throughout the development process so I will definitely looking to my peers for advice as well.