Blog Post 5- Week Seven: Initial Ideas

This week we looked at developing our individual game ideas. With the past couple weeks focusing on building a prototype as a group I was rather nervous going into this lesson as I didn’t have any for my individual game. Although throughout my past posts I discussed that I wanted to keep my game focused around a less serious nature with pop culture themes, that topic itself is very broad so I didn’t have a developed idea. Using a brainstorming method, Chris gave us 10 minutes to come up with 10 game ideas. Although at first it was quite difficult I decided to just write whatever came to mind rather than over thinking it.

The 10 Ideas were:

  • Finish The Lyrics
  • Quote the movie
  • Who’s The Snitch
  • Build the brand
  • Pass it on
  • Draw spy
  • Expose the truth
  • Fast food frenzie
  • Searches
  • Is it Real?

Expanding on some of my favourites:

Finish The Lyrics: A game where players are given songs throughout different decades and are asked to complete at least 10 words following the lyrics given on the card.
For example:
Decade: 70’s – Artist: Queen – Lyrics: Buddy you’re a boy make a big noise playin’ in the street gonna be a big man some day…
Player: Finish the next 10 words of the song

Is it real ?: A game where players say 3 facts about themselves (two being true and one a lie). Players then are asked to guess which one is a lie.

Searches: A game where players guess the top searched results from google, yahoo and Bing for that week. (App Concept)

With these ideas Chris took an interest in ‘Searches’ so I looked at further expanding my concept. We were then given 3 Lens cards to help our development. Focusing on ‘The Lens of Challenge’ the card describes challenge as the “core of almost all gameplay”, with the importance of this aspect I decided that although my initial idea encompasses forms of pop culture and general knowledge, there are areas where I can push this challenge further.

With lenses and further brainstorming my idea has now evolved to a game entitled ‘What’s Trending?”

My idea is to have the game revolve around trending searches from online search engines, separated into different categories. These include top searched: moments in history, athletes, memes ect. Incorporating the lens of challenge into this I looked at utilizing past years as a way to make the game more difficult. As players progress throughout the game, the further back the results go. Doing some further research I found that these searches go as far back as 2001 so this looks to be an interesting game. In the upcoming weeks I hope to further develop this game and finalize some of my categories.


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