Post One:

Splitting into our groups this week my main focus was to start forming a concept for my major work. Speaking on our ideas the topic of ‘Power’ sparked an interest in us all as we found a common theme we looked to target. Designing around a central idea was beneficial as it provided direct and constructive feedback. This also formed as a great way for me to test and curate my project throughout the upcoming weeks. Looking at my past works I am definitely inspired by installation/ screen pieces as I feel that are an effective medium to display a powerful message on a broad scale. With the ‘March for our Lives’ campaign taking place a couple of weeks ago I am inspired to create a piece that captures the aspects of power, from both positive and negative sides. This march was a student-led demonstration that took place in Washington, D.C with over 800 sibling events throughout the United States and around the world. Doing some research on the march itself it is stated that more than 830 demonstrations took place. Student organisers planned the march in collaboration with the nonprofit organisation ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’, as he event followed the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, which was described by some media outlets as a possible “tipping point for gun control legislation”. Throughout this protest, victims urged for universal background checks on all gun sales, raising the federal age of gun ownership and possession to the age of 21, closing the gun show loophole and restoration of the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban. With two million marching across the United States, it was the largest student protest in American history, one of the largest marches on Washington in history, and the second largest march in American history, with millions more estimated to have marched throughout the world.

Talking on this idea, my group advised me that this project would be stronger if I also looked at the concepts of protest and the act of fighting back. Chantelle gave me some ideas stating I should look into existing pieces of Art and even documentaries to gather further inspiration which is definitely something I will be looking to throughout the weeks. Although I don’t have a final idea constructed, my initial plan for this semester is to do an installation work of two juxtaposing screens. The first being a video collage of news outlets, politicians and the general public discussing the effects of gun laws and why they are necessary. For the other side I look to show the effects that these guns have through images and videos, highlighting both the positive and negative nature of these weapons on society. Examples that I was thinking for this would be displaying the effects of school shootings as well as news stories on how it has provided safety for many of individuals. A sound piece will also be incorporated into the project, shooting off each screen as the work continues, symbolising power and the effect of the guns. Although my idea isn’t final I look to further develop it over the next coming weeks to further develop a solid idea.

Our group also looked Stanton and Jeffries as inspiration for our works as they look to capture film and photographs that highlight the power of story and emotion. I think they will be a helpful source throughout this project as I look to capture the emotions of individuals as well as their messages and stories.