Blog post 4- Week 6: Contribution to the Group Game

Focusing on presenting our game pitch this week, my group ensured our game was understandable through separating our parts (corresponding to our posts earlier in the week). For the mechanics of the game I wanted members of the class to understand our rules through first hand examples. I found utilising my team members as a way to illustrate the game avoided any confusion when explaining the steps, as well as making it easier for people to follow along.

Another part of the presentation I focused on was researching a suitable distributor for our game. With this I looked at breaking down certain factors of a brand and how our game would best benefit if we were to produce.

Some key ideas I looked at were;

Experience with similar games/ Successful distribution:

Comparing past games to our research, we aimed to look at distributors that have experience in developing related concepts. With Liam’s research touching on successful games such as Alexander and Tait’s 1998 game Cranium, we found developers like Hasbro Inc. would help to launch our ideas successfully due to company previously manufactured similar games.

Reputation/ Market value:

Another factor we looked at was reputation and market value. Hasbro is global play and entertainment company, with the brand offering a variety of game play for it’s audiences. They are one the largest board game distributors with their market value being the third largest in the world, bringing revenues of approximately $5.12 billion. There reputation and experience with the development of games design looks push them further than competing brands and a great choice for our group and game.

Positive brand Message:

“Hasbro’s looks to create the world’s best play experiences. The best play experiences stand apart from anyone elses and deliver joy, creativity and connection around the world and across generations. But at Hasbro how we do something is equally as important to what we do. Our success is not only measured by our results, but also by how we achieve those results.”

Going into this project I didn’t realise how many factors contribute to making up even a simple board game. Using this experience going into the individual design I am thinking about utilising aspects of pop culture in my design. With Back and Forth I sensed more enjoyment with players and peers in the scenarios that focused on light heart debates rather than ones they are more serious. Although the harshest debates usually follow more a more serious scenario, I will look to use Hasbro’s message of creating ‘joy and connections’ as inspiration to develop a game that is both entertaining and enjoyable for a number of audiences.