Within today’s society and culture many anxieties revolve around the obsession with celebrity due its negative effects on today’s youth. These recognised role models are perceived as dangerous towards younger audiences as their own actions and decisions are seen to play a vital part in shaping what is perceived as the right and wrong thing to do. Whether it be Miley Cyrus’s over sexualised music videos or Justin Bieber’s constant trouble with the law, the effect of these reoccurring celebrity outbursts captured through the media creates these anxieties, as the more common it becomes to act out, the easier it is for younger individuals duplicate these actions.

Within today’s popular culture, recognised individuals use media to send a wide range of messages to different audiences all over the world. Through this platform many individuals are given a sense of power and voice as the messages they choose to portray to society are monitored and closely analysed. Anxieties within the media are formed through the negative messages that these ‘ famous’ individuals direct to impressionable audiences as these are shown to shape their actions and  thoughts. The  reoccurring  mentality that ‘sex  sells’ through the  media within today’s  culture can have  serious effects of  younger audiences  lives, especially with  women. For example  Nicki Minaj’s viral  music video Anaconda created  media frenzy due  to it’s over  sexualisation of a naked Minaj, rapping and flaunting about her most famous asset. Due to the relevancy of this music video, Minaj’s message of having to be half-naked with a big behind to be desired and attractive creates anxieties for young women as their lower self esteem at this age can trigger negative understandings on body image and what it takes to be beautiful. These damaging messages that media portrays affects the development of younger individuals. The obsession with being perfect causes distractions within these individuals’ lives as they are less focused on achieving goals like higher education and more concerned with being comparable to their favourite celebrity. The measures and pressures to sell within industries create anxieties within popular culture as these sexual images younger audiences are exposed to have negative effects. Anxieties are a reoccurring factor within the media and todays society. As the media becomes more and more sexualised, exposing audiences to negative messages at younger ages, it becomes more difficult to shield and protect these dangerous actions from being duplicated. Although it may seem easy younger people are exposed to harmful images and actions everyday through a simple of a button. Although the technologic outbreak of the Internet ‘s convenience has done great things for todays expanding culture it’s damaging to younger audiences providing a gateway for harmful media. Which leads society to question is this type of media damaging to younger individuals and their development?

What do you think ? Check out the video here and leave a comment down below.


4 thoughts on “My Anaconda Don’t Want None Unless You’re Eighteen or Above

  1. Hey David, I thought this post was very interesting and easy to read. You made very relevant observations, such as how young peoples’ obsession with being perfect is causing distractions within their lives and diverting their attention from more important areas such as achieving educational goals and instead focusing on becoming like their favourite celebrities and mirroring various aspects of their lives. You also made good use of the lecture material when you talked about how “sex sells” and when talking about celebrities that are very prevalent in today’s society and whom have a large fan base primarily consisting of young girls,such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj. The fact that these celebrities aren’t exactly good role models would definitely create anxieties especially for the parents of these young girls who admire them.
    As a suggestion, you could have maybe used another example about how the use of violence in music and lyrics can influence young males to act out violently and it can influence which social groups they hang around.
    Overall, a very relevant and informative post!

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  2. First of all let me just say your title made me laugh and drew my attention straight away to the rest of your blog post. I completely agree with your point about the power celebrities have to influence and shape adolescents perceptions of what is the right and wrong ways to act. However I’d like to point out that not all adolescents are influenced by the likes of Nikki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber and to assume so is a somewhat unfair generalisation of the susceptibility of teenagers.

    There are celebrities in today’s pop culture whose actions could possibly negatively impact on younger, more impressionable audiences, this is very true. However, there are also celebrities such as Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence and Ed Sheeran (to name a few) on the opposite side of the spectrum who are widely considered positive role models for society’s youth. Beyoncé is a self- proclaimed feminist shown through her recent VMA’s performance in which she performed in front of a giant feminist sign. Bennett of TIME online accurately demonstrates the power celebrities such Beyoncé possess in empowering young women by saying “she’s reached the masses. She has literally, brought feminism into the living rooms of 12.4 million Americans…through her performance millions of mainstream music fans are being challenged to think about feminism as something powerful, important, and yes attractive.” (2014). This shows that whilst celebrities can use media to promote negative and harmful images, they can also use it to promote positive ideals and perceptions among women.

    So whilst there are overtly sexualised celebrities such as Nikki Minaj buying into this notion that exists within the media that “sex sells”, there are celebrities which use their influence as recognised individuals to promote adolescents to make positive choices. I think you make an interesting point in saying that while technological advancements have done great things for today’s culture, it has simultaneously provided a gateway harmful media to influence young people, but I also think it’s important to recognise that it has also allowed for a wider discussion and inclusion of issues that are affecting women’s perception of body image and self- esteem. Personally I think there currently exists a balance between good and bad role models in the media and it’s up to the individual to choose what they allow to influence them and not the media to regulate it. A great post on an intriguing topic. 🙂


    Bennett, J 2014 ‘How to Reclaim the F word? Just call Beyoncé’, TIME, weblog post, 26 August, viewed 18 April 2015,


  3. Hey David, You bring forward an incredibly interesting and relevant perspective about anxieties in today’s culture. Bringing forth the observation of how young peoples’ obsession with celebrities and recognised individuals create a gateway for harmful media, in my view is totally correct as the technology we have access to today definitely allow for this. Celebrities do indeed have a big influence of adolescents as this ‘obsession’ creates a pathway for perception by the individuals involved within this online culture.

    Many celebrities in today’s culture whose actions are taken very seriously by the media and their fan base show the positive and negative impacts these ‘role models’ have on adolescent life. A young person’s life can revolve around a celebrity, but as you have stated above the over sexualisation of many celebrities can lead to a bad influence on many of these adolescents.

    Overall I think you bring forward a very well written and informative post, also the fact that you link back this anxiety to technological advancements is incredibly accurate as almost everyone today is always connected to the media through the use of smart phones, tablets, ect, show that the point you are making is indeed a public issue.

    A very great post overall, loved reading it!



  4. Hey David! Let me start by saying your title to this blog post drew my attention straight off the bat. I think your overall topic about celebrities was so interesting and something a lot of people have an opinion on. I completely agree with your comment about how the more common celebrities act out, the easier it is for younger individuals to imitate or copy there actions. These celebrities are supposed to be role models for not only younger viewers but for anyone of any age, and many need to learn to be aware of the decisions that they are making in the public eye. I especially liked your mention of sex as a product you can sell. This is something i feel strongly about myself as a female teenager in todays society. I am definitely against the message some of these celebrities are sending through images posted on social media and music videos, like the likes of Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj. Though i believe that both males and females are effected equally when it comes to celebrity influences and unrealistic goals, how much they own or appearances. Your blog post is well written and completely relatable. Absolutely loved reading it and am looking forward to your next posts 🙂


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